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Company Profile About Us
FIBI GREEN INDUSTRIES LTD was established in 1991 in Taiwan, specialized in Manufacturing, Supplying and Exporting full range of Patented Industrial Fans, Fogging Industrial Fans, Fogging Industrial Pedestal Fans, Fogging Industrial Wall Mount Fans, Fogging Industrial Floor Fans, Misting HAF Green house Fans, Cooling Industrial Ceiling Fans, Cooling Industrial Misting Fans, Misting Commercial Orbital Oscillation Fans, Outdoor mist cooling Misting Fans in Vietnam factory & manufacturing full range of Cooling Fogging Misting systems, Evaporative Cooling System, Liquid Cooling Systems, Water Mist Spray Systems, DIY Misting Systems, Outdoor Mist cooling system Nozzles, Misting Atomizers, Misting Fittings, Misting Stainless Steel pipes, Misting Nylon & Misting PE Tubes, Water Filters Housings & Cartridges, Misting High Pressure Misting Pumps, Misting Stainless Steel Rings, Misting atomizers, Misting Irrigations, Ready-Made Misting Systems, Misting Kits, Misting Cooling Kits, Outdoor Misting Solutions, Misting Dust control Solutions in Taiwan.
Our customers are Importers, Wholesalers, Retailers, Distributors, Dealers, Agents, Traders, Contractors, Shop/Store Owners