About us

About Us

FIBI GREEN INDUSTRIES LTD was founded in 1991. At the beginning, we were just a family-style factory of FAN Motors, FAN Grills & Parts in Taiwan, based on honesty & insisted good quality, worked well together with every customer & sub-contractor, therefore we got lots of gains & wins, established very deep friendships with them each other.

Our Vietnam FAN factory is awarded with the ISO 9001:2015 certificate, Our Industrial Fans are manufactured to meet the standard of CE, CB, UL, ETL, JET. We already exported our FANS world-widely, such as USA, Europe, Japan, Australia, Middle East & etc..

"Integrity" is always the CORE value & SPIRIT of FIBI GREEN INDUSTRIES LTD., it encourage us to go forward smoothly all the way to Today & Forever. Now, There are Two Industrial Fans Factories in Vietnam and Four Misting Accessories Factories in Taiwan.

FIBI GREEN always DO keep the same spirit & high efficiency to well serve our customers all the time.

Why choose us? (Why FIBI GREEN Taiwan?)

1. Efficiency
FIBI GREEN always did best to response your inquiry quickly within 48 hours.

2. Experiences
Assist dear YOU to fully understand the specifications of the products and analyze whether the products are suitable for YOU, so that YOU can really buy the right products as required.

3. Honesty and Quality
The material and function of the products mentioned in our quotations, definitely are the same as the actual products YOU received

What services do FIBI GREEN provide?

To sell Industrial & Misting Fans 
To sell High Pressure Misting Pumps(70bar/1000psi)
To sell Misting System Parts & Accessories
To sell Industrial Water Filtration System
Misting landscape planning and design
Fogging cooling planning
Greenhouse humidification planning
Oscillating Industrial Fans OEM/ ODM service
Products Search Service in Taiwan and Vietnam



Our Industrial Pedestal Fans, Professional Wall Fans, Deluxe Misting Fans & etc. are manufactured to meet the standard of CE, CB, UL, JET, and Vietnam factory is awarded with the ISO 9001:2015 certification. and Our Industrial Stand Fans, Industrial Wall Mount Fans, Industrial Drum Fans & Blowers, especially Indoor Orbital Oscillation Fans already got Invention Patents in Taiwan, China, Japan, USA, Europe, Russia, Korea & etc.