About us

About us

About Us

FIBI GREEN INDUSTRIES LTD was established in 1991 in Taiwan, our Fan Factory already moved from Taiwan to Vietnam more than 24 years, specialized in Manufacturing and Exporting full range of Patented Industrial Pedestal Fans, Professional Misting Floor Fans, Industrial Fogging Wall Fans & etc. Due to almost all of our regular customers asked for help to supply other Professional Fogging Mist systems, Outdoor Cooling Systems & Mist Oscillation Fans to be installed with their existed Fogging system projects. Customers also need some other Misting Accessories such as Nozzles, Fittings, High Pressure Misting Pumps & accessories, finally FIBIGREEN become to work as customers' "Total Solution" partners in Taiwan to save their costs & time much and bring them happiness, efficiency & trouble free.

In order to strengthen competition ability and benefit all of our clients and maintain good quality products all the time, our factory's self- manufacturing rate is about 90% or more, such as producing Fan Motors, Fan Grills, Plastic Fan Blades, Metal Sticks, Metal Fan Housings, Parts & Accessories. Our factory was awarded ISO 9001:2015 instead of ISO 9001:2008 certification now and all Fans were manufactured to meet standard of CE, UL, CB, JET (Japan) and we always do our utmost to control quality strictly and deliver goods in time to meet customers' needs. You are strongly suggested and warmly welcomed to visit our Three Vietnam factories which were already expanded from year 2017/2018, then you will have a trusted better image accordingly.

Frankly speaking, from the beginning of business our factory just produced Fan Motors and Fan Grills by OEM/ODM cooperation. Due to too many misunderstanding events occurred, finally we decided to start manufacturing complete set of Industrial Stand Fans, Durable Drum Fans, Wall Fans. With all customers' best support and full cooperation, we are working more hard and creating some other new Industrial Misting Fans, Commercial Fogging Fans, High velocity Industrial Wall Mount Fans & Agriculture Green House Fans (HAF Fan). In order to meet our regular customers' requirements, we started to co-manufacture High Pressure Misting Pumps,Brass & Stainless Steel Nozzles, Brass Nozzles holders & Extension, Misting LED nozzles set & etc., If you are also looking for Nylon & PE tubes & water filtration, you are always welcomed & feel free to contact us for more information.