Our Misting regular customers largely bought Professional Cooling Wall Mounted fans, Pedestal & Drum fans, with full range of misting systems & accessories for their scheduled projects. USA & Canada clients love much Convex Shapes Brass Nozzles, European clients would like to Screwed Brass Plated & SUS316 Fittings for SUS304 & SUS316 stainless steel pipes application. Our Europe customers very satisfied to Deluxe Misting Wall & Stand Fans with Misting Accessories for the following ideal applications successfully: Misting odor neutralization control, Mist dust suppression systems, Cooling pest and Disease control, Misting Fogging Landscaping views, Mist fog special effects, Misting amusement parks. And some of specific Nozzles & Fittings applied in fogging agricultural areas, Water Mist horticultural storage, Livestock misting systems. Even widely applied in Restaurants/Cafes, Pools/Spas. Some filtration System is using for Recycling Industries control. Our Australian customers applied for Mining Industry solution. Our other Misting Systems are suitable for Gardens fogging system, Patios fogging solution and many factories using our misting systems for their Storage Warehouses. Flowers shops using our Misting Systems to maintain flowers fresh longer, it seems so many other areas or places can be installed with our good quality Misting Systems & Accessories.

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