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CF-01 series

Misting Compression Fittings

We provide high quality Industrial Fan, Misting Fans Set, Orbital Oscillation Fan, Brass Compression fitting, Misting brass fittings, Indoor Electric Fans and Misting Brass Nozzle with reasonable price.

Fibi Green Industries Ltd. offers various kinds of Nozzle and Compression Fitting Products: Mist Spray Nozzle Extension, Brass Compression fitting, Spray Nozzle, Spray Nozzle Extension, and Misting Brass Fittings, all with high quality. Our goal is to provide customers products of high quality, competitive price, and superior services. Etc. CF-01 Brass Compression fitting

Model: 3100-A03: Coupling 3/8"
Model: 3101-A03: 1 nozzle holder 3/8" 10/24 threaded
Model: 3102-A03: 2 nozzles holders 3/8" 10/24 threaded
Model: 3105-A03: 3/8" male adaptor -3/8"