Screwed type special for metal pipes(SS, brass pipes)
Brass Threaded Fittings


Fogging Screwed type Brass Plated Fittings

According to our regular customers' experiences, they are very satisfactory to our Screwed type Brass Plated Fittings.
Customers said that Screwed( stainless steel material) type Brass Plated Fittings are very easy, fast & good for metal Pipes installation, especially for Stainless Steel Pipes. So they are very glad to use FIBI GREEN Stainless Steel Screwed type Brass Fittings, they saved lots of time & money, they are so enjoying their works freely.

We strongly suggest you to buy Ready-Processed Stainless Steel Pipes and Brass Pipes, Actually If buying our ready-processed Stainless Steel Pipes to connect to our Screwed Brass Plated Fittings, that will be the best solution for Misting Systems or Fogging Systems Applications because Fittings can be locked well on Ready-Processed Stainless Steel Pipes that will be more fixed well and safer. So please consider to buy our Screwed Fittings with our Ready-Processed Stainless Steel Pipes that will be the perfect combination

SB-03 Screwed Type Brass Plated Fittings

3022-03PS: 1 nozzle holder 3/8"
3024-03PS: Coupling 3/8"
3025-03PS: 2 nozzle holders(180° )3/8"
3025-03PS: 2 nozzle holders(120°) 3/8"
3026-03PS: 3 way T 3/8"
3032-03PS : End plug 3/8”

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