Powerful Misting Fans
High Pressure Misting Fan

KTD-1230 12"

360° High Pressure Misting Commercial Fan

This Patented 12" special Precise-designed Misting Pedestal Fan is the most beautiful & classic Fan we manufactured, with powerful fast speed closed motor, 3 speed function, 360° Durable Metal Fan Blade, can drive mist evenly & far away to cool people without getting wet.

12" Commercial Misting Fan
Voltage: AC230V/50Hz
Air Speed:285m/min
Air Flow:67m3/min(new)
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  • Size of products
    a 450 mm
    b 690 mm
    c 2495 mm
    d x mm
    N.W 18.1 Kgs
    G.W x Kgs
    Carton size Xuất linh kiện rời mm
  • Quantify of container
    20" 520 pcs
    40" 1076 pcs
    40"HQ 1215 pcs
  • Guard net 12" TA
    Outer pipe Φ38.1 x 1.2 x 250mm Color white
    Outer pipe Φ42 x 1.2 x 1250mm Color white
    Inner pipe Φ42 x 1.2 x 1000mm Color white
  • Electric information
    VOLTAGE 230V /50Hz (4C23235S2)
    A W RPM m/min m3/min
    High 50HZ 0.47 96 1375 285 67