Misting Nozzles

High Pressure Nozzles Manufacturer

With over 16 years of Misting brass nozzles fabrication experience, FIBI GREEN Taiwan Factory professionally manufactured High Pressure Misting Nozzles and Low Pressure Fogging Nozzles.
We manufactured a variety of Misting Nozzles such as Brass, Stainless Steel & Ceramic Nozzles with high quality and competitive price. In order to meet our regular customers other needs, we also supply Misting Nozzle Extension, Nozzle End Plugs and Nozzle Clusters. And these nozzles can be operated with our Misting Industrial Stand Fan, Wall mounted Fans & etc. Our goal is to provide customers high quality products with competitive price, on-time delivery and superior services. If you are looking for these products, please free to contact us.

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