Slip lock 6 talons brass fittings
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Slip Lock 6 Talons Brass Fittings

We are one of the leading Professional exporters of Misting Systems Accessories in Taiwan.Slip Lock 6 Talons Brass Fitting is one of our best selling Brass Fittings, with good quality and competitive prices, we already largely exported world-widely with good feedback. We heard some of our regular customers sharing their previous bad experiences of Slip Lock Brass Fittings leakage issue. After buying our Misting Brass Fittings samples to be tested with their current Nylon Tubes or PE Pipes, Now they are very happy to use our good quality 6 Talons Brass Fittings in their Misting Systems Operation and Projects. They finally proved that the Non-concentric Nylon tubes and PE tubes or Pipes are not harder enough, the Brass Fittings definitely can't grasp them tightly that caused Brass Fittings leaking problem occurred often. Our Push-fit 8 talons brass fittings did the good job too, that is why we can largely exported Slip Lock 6 Talons and 8 Talons Brass Fittings continuously Sometimes quality issue or problem happened is not really from Brass Fitting or Pipe & Tube itself, there are some of parts combination applications involved, but some of manufacturers or customers often ignored this kind of problem and can't really solve the problems and become mutual misunderstanding & destroy good relationship & friendship finally.
FIBI GREEN ideal scene is to provide customers good communications, clear explanations & reality and true solutions, finally bring all of parties WIN WIN
& best cooperation mutually.

BF-02 Slip Lock 6 Talons Brass Fitting

Model: 3022-03: 1 nozzle holder 3/8"-3/8" 10/24 threaded
Model: 3023-023: Male adaptor 1/4"M-3/8"
Model: 3023-03: Male adaptor 3/8"M-3/8"
Model: 3024-03: coupling 3/8"-3/8