If the mist system is designed properly the mist will evaporate before it ever reaches the ground, you will only get wet if you are standing within about 7′ of the nozzles
Most of nozzles clogged because of hard water deposits accumulate in the nozzles. The best way to clean nozzles is to use right filtration systems before operation.
Our products are used for many different applications, ranging from static electricity control & dust suppression to odor control and concrete curing. Other popular uses include humidifying exotic plant and animal enclosures, outdoor people cooling, livestock cooling, etc.
The pump that is included with the Rainmaker I & Rainmaker I Expanded system (pump # WT25FI) is designed for intermittent or continuous duty. The pump that's included with the Rainmaker Junior system (pump # RMJR6) is designed for intermittent duty only (maximum 5 minutes on, with a minimum of 1 minute off between mistings).
Misting system worked by forcing water through a nozzle to produce ultra-fine water droplets into the air, surrounding target areas that require cooling. Heat is absorbed by the moisture as it changes from liquid to vapor during the evaporation process and creates a cooling effect.
Low pressure misting systems operate on city water pressure ranging from about 30-85 PSI, the low pressure systems generally spray the water without power to create the fine mist for cooling, FIBI GREEN low pressure misting systems can work to 15-22 bar operation.

FIBI GREEN high pressure misting systems are affordable, constructed from Brassl, commercial grade, capable of handling pressure up to 1000 PSI, offer superior longevity.
High Pressure Misting pump’s oil should be changed at about 500 hours or the start of each season. Filters should be changed annually based on usage and your water quality.
Yes, there is an adjustable regulator located on the pump head. Do Not Exceed 1000 PSI or you may risk damaging your misting system.
High pressure misting systems will cool and add moisture to the dry air reducing temperatures almost immediately by up to about 30ºF. A misted area has less dust and fewer mosquitoes & insects.
• Help to clean and humidify the air.
• Aid to repell flying insects.
• Can reduce temperatures about 5 - 10°C, depending on outdoor temperature and relative humidity.