Misting High Pressure Nozzles
High pressure misting Brass & Stainless steel nozzles


High pressure misting Brass & Stainless steel nozzles 70bar

Fibi Green Industries Ltd. has been providing good quality Misting High Pressure Nozzles (70 bar operation) cleanable nozzle design with 10/24 thread Mist nozzles are available in brass The Standard nozzle range includes sizes from 0.10mm to 1.00mm orifice They are available in brass with a stainless steel insert and include an anti drip valve In addition, we also provide Nozzle Extension, Nozzle End Plugs, Nozzle Clusters. we have endeavored to offer high quality products and competitive prices to reward customers' best support.


Brass & Stainless steel fogging nozzles 10/24 or 12/24 threaded with anti drip valve
3001-BN01: orifice 0.15mm
3001-BN02: orifice 0.20mm
3001-BN03: orifice 0.30mm
3001-BN04: orifice 0.40mm
3001-BN05: orifice 0.50mm
3001-BN06: orifice 0.60mm
3001-BN08: orifice 0.80mm
3001-BN10: orifice 1.00mm