Misting High Pressure Nozzles
Complete Stainless Steel High Pressure Misting Nozzles


Complete Stainless Steel High Pressure Misting Nozzles

In order to meet regular customers' requirements, we are also forcus in manufacturing Misting Complete Stainless Steel nozzles except full range of Brass Fogging Nozzles. With oriffice from 0.10mm to 1.00mm by working pressure 70 Bar 1000Psi operation This special design Stainless Steel Nozzles with special construction to reduce blockage issue much We already exported to USA Europe with a stable growth every year This kind of Nozzle can be cleanable with 10/24 threaded and with anti drip valve. We provide high quality products with good prices & quick delivery time.

3001-SS (Stainless Steel Mist nozzle)

Complete Stainless steel Mist nozzles with removable impeller series
Stainless Steel Mist nozzle 10/24 or 12/24 threaded with anti drip valve
3001-SS01: orifice 0.10mm
3001-SS02: orifice 0.20mm
3001-SS03: orifice 0.30mm
3001-SS04: orifice 0.40mm
3001-SS05: orifice 0.50mm
3001-SS06: orifice 0.60mm
3001-SS08: orifice 0.80mm
3001-SS10: orifice 1.00mm