Push-Fit 8 Talons Brass Plated Fittings
Brass Threaded Fittings

BF-05 series

Push-Fit 8 Talons Brass Plated Fittings

FIBI GREEN provided full range of Push-Fit 8 Talons Brass Plated Fittings to well serve our Regular & New Misting Customers. Except this kind of Misting Fittings we also produced Slip lock 6 Talons Brass Fittings,Screwed type Brass Plated Fittings for Stainless Steel Pipes or other metal pipes. For High pressure 70 bar 1000psi Misting Operatinn we strongly recommend good quality Brass Compression Fittings, Push-fit 8 talons brass fittings and good quality Slip Lock 6 Talons Brass Fittings to avoid leakage issue. In fact, Fittings leakage problems are because of most of Tubes or Pipes not concentric completely or Tubes are too soft which can't be grasped tightly. So we strongly suggest our customers to buy some fittings samples for checking & testing with existed Pipes or Tubes first, for safety purpose.

BF-05 series (Push-fit 8 talons brass plated fittings)

3022A-A1: Extension adaptor 3/8" ,10/24 threaded
3023-A03: Male adaptor 3/8"-3/8"
3037-A023: Female connector 1/4F-3/8"
3023-A023: Male adaptor 1/4"M-3/8"